180 Rainy Day Activities

Posted on Jul 1 2015 - 3:14pm by Beth

Rainy Day Houston

How do you spend a rainy day in Houston with your kids?  There are so many rainy day activities that your family can enjoy on a wet, rainy day.  Here is a list of ideas.  Whether you choose to stay inside and keep dry or get out and jump in puddles, you and your kids will enjoy quality time together.  Have a great day!

Kid Fun Houston
  Rainy Day Activities
1 Act out stories, movies, and books
2 Arts & crafts
3 Bake
4 Blow bubbles in the bathtub
5 Blow bubbles with water, dish soap, straws & a large tub
6 Build a road or city on a large piece of paper
7 Build a sofa fort
8 Build a structure with toothpicks and marshmallows
9 Build a tower with plastic plates, cups and bowls
10 Catch raindrops on a plate and examine them with a magnifying glass
11 Clean the house - Kids love to scrub things, mop, etc.
12 Clean, organize, and sort the toys
13 Cook in the kitchen
14 Count coins
15 Create a new reading area with pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.
16 Create a scene with stickers
17 Create things with tape (Kids love tape!)
18 Cut holes in paper and play airplane toss
19 Cut items into pieces - paper, straws, yarn, etc.
20 Cut pictures out of a magazine and make a collage
21 Dance to music
22 Decorate a tshirt or pillowcase with fabric markers
23 Design a catapult
24 Do a science experiment
25 Do an exercise video together
26 Do handprint/footprint art
27 Do indoor exercises
28 Dress up in Dad or Mom's clothes and accessories
29 Finger paint with pudding
30 Give your toys a bath by cleaning them in the sink, bathtub, or a tub of water
31 Go "swimming" in the bathtub or shower
32 Go fishing with magnets or paper clips
33 Go for a walk with your umbrella
34 Go on a nature hunt in the rain
35 Go on an indoor scavenger hunt, shape hunt, color hunt, etc.
36 Go outside and hunt for worms
37 Go to an indoor play place
38 Go to the zoo and see which animals are more active in the rain
39 Have a fashion show
40 Have a fire drill, create a family plan, and draw a map
41 Have a hoola hooping contest or jump roping contest
42 Have a pillow fight
43 Have a spa day
44 Have a talent show
45 Have a tea party
46 Have a water balloon fight in the rain
47 Have a water gun fight in the rain
48 Have an indoor campout
49 Have an indoor snowball fight
50 Have fun with glow sticks in the tub, closet, in a fort, etc.
51 Have fun with googly eyes - put them on pictures in magazines
52 Have races with spoons and boiled eggs, plastic eggs, balls, etc.
53 Have sack races using a pillowcase
54 Jump in the puddles
55 Label items around the house with letters, words, categories, etc.
56 Let your kids give you a makeover with your makeup
57 Make a ball pit in a baby pool, bathtub, crib, or laundry basket
58 Make a balloon rocket using a balloon, straw, and string
59 Make a bird feeder using a toilet paper roll and peanut butter
60 Make a cape
61 Make a chore chart or practice new chores
62 Make a dream catcher with paper plates, yarn and feathers
63 Make a fort
64 Make a light saber using cardboard rolls
65 Make a marble run using cardboard tubes (toilet paper rolls, papertowel rolls, wrapping paper rolls)
66 Make a marshmallow shooter with a plastic cup and balloon
67 Make a movie theater at home
68 Make a paper plate ring toss game
69 Make a sensory box with sand, rice, etc.
70 Make a spider web with painters tape and throw paper balls into the web
71 Make a time capsule
72 Make a train using paper clips
73 Make a treasure map
74 Make an indoor obstacle course
75 Make birthday cards or holiday cards for the next month or two
76 Make cleaning slippers by taping rags around the feet
77 Make colored paint using glue and food coloring
78 Make colored rice or pasta
79 Make dancing raisins with sprite & raisins
80 Make discovery bottles
81 Make edible play dough with peanut butter
82 Make elephant feet with cans and string
83 Make homemade finger paint
84 Make homemade flubber
85 Make homemade gak
86 Make homemade lemonade with water, lemons, and sugar
87 Make homemade skis using cardboard and milk jugs
88 Make homemade slime
89 Make hopscotch on the floor using tape or paper
90 Make ice cream in a zip lock bag
91 Make indoor croquet using a slinky, toilet paper rolls, taped paper, etc.
92 Make indoor snow with baking soda and water
93 Make life size paper dolls, characters, Flat Stanley, etc.
94 Make magic milk and watch the chemical reaction
95 Make moon dough
96 Make music with pots and pans
97 Make paddles with a paper plate and popsicle stick - play a game using a balloon
98 Make paper airplanes
99 Make play dough
100 Make puppets with socks, bags, etc.
101 Make secret messages using a white crayon and water colors
102 Make shapes with shoe strings or yarn
103 Make snowflakes
104 Make volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar
105 Make walking stilts using buckets and string
106 Make your own lava lamp using a water bottle
107 Make your own ring toss game
108 Origami
109 Paint
110 Paint on ice
111 Paint rocks
112 Paint the windows
113 Paint with marshmallows, marbles, qtips, or other fun items
114 Paint with watercolors
115 Pick up items with closepins, tongs, tweezers - great fine motor activity
116 Plant seeds
117 Play a card game
118 Play a game using the sense of smell - guess the items
119 Play a javelin game with pool noodles
120 Play a matching game
121 Play a rubber band game and see how far you can shoot it
122 Play animal charades
123 Play balloon hockey
124 Play bingo
125 Play Chopped like the tv show
126 Play dress up
127 Play eye spy
128 Play Go Fish or make your own version
129 Play hide and seek
130 Play hot/cold game
131 Play in the rain
132 Play indoor bowling with recycled bottles
133 Play letter games
134 Play library and sort your books by color, size, topic, etc.
135 Play math games
136 Play restaurant
137 Play the string telephone game
138 Play with a timer - see how many jumps, rolls, laps you can do in one minute
139 Play with lacing cards or make your own
140 Play with legos
141 Play with play dough
142 Play with shaving cream on a cookie sheet
143 Play your favorite games
144 Pop bubblewrap by jumping on it
145 Practice juggling
146 Pretend to have an indoor lemonade stand
147 Put dry pasta in play dough and thread items on the pasta - beads, cheerios, other pasta
148 Put ice outside and watch it melt in the rain
149 Put ivory soap in the microwave and make a soap cloud
150 Put sugar on a cookie sheet and write in it
151 Read books
152 Rearrange the bedrooms and give them a makeover
153 Record a story on your cell phone and listen to it
154 See how far you cam jump - use tape to measure the distance
155 See how much rain water you can catch in a bucket & measure with a ruler
156 Set up a domino run
157 Sink & Float with a tub of water and items around the house
158 Soap Boat - see how many pennies you can balance on a bar of Ivory soap
159 Sort various items in a muffin tin by color, shape, size, etc.
160 Stack cups, cans, and other household items
161 Sticker wall
162 Strengthen hand muscles by using a hole puncher
163 Take pictures with a camera or phone
164 Tell stories with a flashlight
165 Thread items on a string….beads, cheerios, pasta
166 Thread pipe cleaners through a colander
167 Turn a box into a train, car, wagon and decorate it
168 Turn a laundry basket into a mode of transportation
169 Turn a pool noodle into a horse
170 Turn your bathtub into a vehicle by decorating it with paper (no water)
171 Use magnets to find magnetic items around the house
172 Use painter's tape to make a road
173 Use painter's tape to make tic tac toe on the floor
174 Use the rain water to wash your bikes
175 Walk on pillows down the hallway
176 Watch old family videos or look at photo albums
177 Work on puzzles
178 Write letters to family and friends
179 Write on a chalkboard, dry erase board, or paper
180 Write or tell a story then draw a picture to go with it

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