Ann Miller Etiquette

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 11:44pm by Beth

Ann Miller Etiquette

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Ann Miller founded Ann Miller Etiquette in 1984 after many years as an educator in public schools.  Her dream was to open a school that would teach young people the skills necessary to conduct themselves properly and with ease in a variety of business and social environments.  She also conducts classes for adults.

Teaching Methods:

Ann uses creative teaching methods that include role playing, music, and art.

Class Topics:

Table and restaurant manners, telephone and email responses, thank-you notes and RSVP replies, greetings and introductions, communication skills, social behavior at parties and dances, morals and ethics, health and nutrition, being a team player, posture, sitting, and walking

Her Philosophy:

Ann Miller believes the whole point of etiquette is not to encumber us with a bunch of fussy, pointless rules but to help us treat each other with respect.  Etiquette is about human beings behaving civilly toward one another.  Manners build confidence, discipline, and self-esteem which are crucial attributes in today's ever more competitive world. Social skills are the "ticket" to determining one's destiny.  Her lessons center on the education of the "whole person", providing them with information about social graces, ethics, grooming and posture and instilling them with confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and respect for others. She stresses the importance of achieving equal balance between the outer and inner person, balance between the decision-making mind, the physical fitness of the body and the moral right to help a person in need.


Kid Fun Houston Review:

I contacted Ann Miller and asked her to be a vendor at my Alice in Wonderland High Tea Event at the St. Regis.  I knew that this event was going to be "the event of a lifetime", "a bucket list item", and one to remember.  I invited two hundred guests including parents, grandparents, and children to join me in the ballroom to experience high tea along with a variety of entertainment.  I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for a tea party than to have Ann Miller Etiquette as a guest. As a parent, I know that we (parents) work hard to teach our children manners, right from wrong, and social skills that will make them successful in the years to come.  Even though we may have a great set of skills in the manners department, I believe that all children can benefit from a service like Ann Miller Etiquette. Ann impressed me in so many ways.  There aren't many people that can walk into a ballroom filled with two hundred people and grace the guests with a smile.  Ann was personable.  She connected with my four year old in a matter of seconds by discussing something that really mattered to him.  She saw him on tv, and it was meaningful when she pointed it out to him.  Ann walked the ballroom of the St. Regis, flowed from table to table, and introduced herself to the children and families at the event.  She found a creative way to teach the children useful life skills, yet they didn't even know that she had an agenda.  I watched children of all ages look at her in the eyes, introduce themselves and shake her hand with confidence. Ann really was the perfection addition to our fancy tea party, and I know that she left a meaningful impression on the little ones that embraced her presence.  Ann offers classes to children and adults.  I cannot wait to work with Ann again, and I hope that my children will have the opportunity to attend her classes.  I would like to attend them myself.  Thank you Ann Miller Etiquette for bringing class, manners, and etiquette to our event.