Bayou Wildlife Zoo

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 11:19pm by Beth

Bayou Wildlife Zoo

The Bayou Wildlife Zoo is an open range animal zoo located in Alvin. During your visit, you can take a train ride to see the animals, enjoy pony rides, and visit the petting zoo.

Zoo Fun

Your family will enjoy seeing the exotic animals, petting the animals in the petting zoo, and riding the ponies.  You are also invited to pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic.   Bayou Wildlife Zoo  

Admission Costs:

The admission cost per adults is $20.  The admission cost for children ages 2 to 11 years old is $10.  Children under two years old are free.  Please note that they only accept cash or checks.  They do not accept credit cards.  You can receive a rain check if the weather interferes with your trip, but they do not offer refunds. If you book a group, it is much cheaper.  The group rates vary on weekdays and weekends.  You need 15 paid guests to have a group, and I highly recommend trying this option.  If you book a group during the week, the cost is $7 per person plus tax.  You can book a weekday trip within a few days of going.  If you book a group on a weekend, you need to make a reservation at least two weeks before your visit.  The weekend group fee is $10 per person plus tax.  During group visits, only children under one are free.


The zoo holds over 500 different animals and birds from 60 different species.  They also have endangered animal species in the park.  During your visit, you might see the following endangered animals: Banteng cattle, white rhinoceroses, Guar cattle, Barasingha deer, ring-tailed lemurs, Bactrian camels, Pere David's deer, Addaxes (Screwhorn antelope), Scimitar-Horned oryx, hog deer, nile lechwe.  There are also lots of other animals such as giraffes, zebras, camels, etc.  They also have three monkey islands and alligator ponds.  The animals from from 19 different countries.  

Tram Ride:

During your visit, you'll ride a tram to see the animals located in the large zoo area.  The tram ride is about 45 minutes.  They offer a cup of food, but you can purchase more food.  Each tram holds about 30 people, and they run every 15 minutes or so.  You'll enjoy this safari type adventure through the park.  

Petting Zoo:

The petting zoo has all types of animals such as pigs, goats, deer, and sometimes baby animals.  You can purchase a bucket of food to feed the animals, walk in and pet them, and find a brush to groom them.  

Pony Rides:

Children under 90 pounds are welcome to ride the ponies.  The staff members will lead your child on a walk with the pony around the fenced area.  

Food & Drinks:

The zoo does not sell food.  You are allowed to bring in your own food and drinks.  There is a covered picnic area that holds up to 300 people.  It has drink machines, but I suggest that you go prepared with your own drinks.  They do not allow you to bring in alcohol beverages.  

Contact Information:

The zoo is located at 5050 FM 517 Road, Alvin 77511.  You can call the office at 281-337-6376 to book a group reservation.  Click here to visit their website.    

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