Children Performances @ The Main Street Theater

Posted on Oct 5 2016 - 7:59pm by Beth

Children Performances at the Main Street Theater

The Main Street Theater offers a variety of children's performances based on common literature.  The shows are geared toward children, and your kids will love them.  The shows are currently offered at the MATCH theater in midtown.  

Children Performances

The Main Street Theater offers matinee shows during the week for students.  They offer weekend performances for families.  Whether you go on a field trip or take the family, you are sure to enjoy the performances.   main-street-theater  

2016-2017 Season:

1. Duck for President (September 27 to October 29) 2. Fancy Nancy:  Splendiferous Christmas The Musical (November 8 to December 23) 3. Mockingbird (January 24 to February 19) 4. Ramona Quinby (February 28 to April 1) 5. Goosebumps The Musical - Phantom of the Auditorium (April 11 to May 20) 6. How I Became a Pirate (Feburary 11, March 4, 13, 14, April 22) 7. The Wizard of Oz (June 17 to July 30)    

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