Created by Jackie

Posted on Sep 5 2015 - 11:05pm by Beth

10570486_575832895855399_2098383687984608015_n   Created by Jackie specializes in unique creations ranging from party backdrops and vinyl appliques to one of a kind displays.  If you can imagine it, Jackie can create it.    Jackie makes items for birthday parties, events, holidays, household decorations, paper crafts, personalized items, and much more.  If you present an idea to her, she can probably make it for you. Please visit and "Like" the Created by Jackie Facebook page. You can reach Jackie by emailing her at or calling her at 713-540-5237.


Party Items:

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Vinyl Appliques:

11055318_670634756375212_4036617622658556764_n11031776_10206400924210712_1436138287_o 10991369_662655913839763_5238376644466044650_n10470788_556316041140418_2354060373504841071_n 1509773_483542458417777_1069796704_n10628546_627847467320608_3514173098150683256_n10409453_561737993931556_1234190705867324534_n 1530560_515502865221736_84232126334487705_n   1655849_490298564408833_331745528_n  

Home Decor:

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Kid Fun Houston Review:

11777587_10154109756004466_1370102326_oCreated By Jackie Alice in Wonderland Signs   Jackie is amazing and will literally work with any idea that you have on an item.  She made the Frozen backdrop for the Kid Fun Houston Frozen themed summer bash.  The backdrop was perfect and exactly what we envisioned.  Her painted backdrops are amazing, and I will definitely have her do more backdrops in the future! Jackie also made the Tweedledum and Tweedledee photo boards for our Alice in Wonderland themed high tea at the St. Regis Hotel.  Again, the boards turned out exactly the way I hoped they would.  They will be the perfect addition to our event on September 12. What I love most about Jackie and her work is her willingness to take any idea and run with it.  She is so creative, and her products are always fabulous.  I love to follow her Facebook page and see what new creation she has added to her collection. Created by Jackie is the perfect place to go for items that will wow your house guests, party friends, etc.  Her work is top notch, and others will definitely ask where you got the item.  Whether you want something for a party or your home or just because, Jackie can make exactly what you have in mind!!