Fire Station Tours

Posted on Jul 17 2015 - 12:23am by Beth

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Fire Station Tours

Fire Station tours are a great way to entertain your child, teach them about fire safety and satisfy their curiosity about fire trucks.  My kids love fire trucks, and we have been on countless tours.  There are fire stations every few blocks so it's easy to find one.  Whether it's a planned trip or a drop in visit, your kids will love touring a fire station. fire station tour Did you know that you can stop at a fire station any time?  Fire stations welcome visitors, and the fire fighters will show you around if you pop into a station.  When we visit a station, we always try to bring a treat for the fire fighters. You must keep in mind that the fire fighters are "on the job" when you visit the station.  At any moment, they may receive a call and need to leave the station.  When you go on a fire station tour, please remember that it might happen during your visit. west university fire station If you would like to visit a fire station with a group of people, I recommend booking a tour.  Each fire department varies on their procedures for tours.  For many stations, you simply call and book the tour.  Other fire departments require you to complete a form online.  Either way, it's very easy to book a fire station tour. houston fire station tour Fire station tours are catered to the size of the group and the age of the children.  The fire fighters will show you the fire trucks, give you a tour of the station, and dress up in their gear.  You might be able to see multiple fire trucks, an ambulance, a police car, etc.  If you ask, the fire fighters will often allow the kids to spray the water hose.  Some stations will give the kids a fire hat, coloring sheets, and goodie bags. bellaire fire station We like to visit different stations for various reasons.  For example, we love station #8 downtown.  It is station in Houston that gives the most tours.  They have a ton of memorabilia located all over the station.  We love the Bellaire Fire Station because it is large.  They often have several fire trucks, an ambulance, and sometimes an old police car.  The Bellaire Station always has a lot to see.  My kids love the Tanglewood Station because there is a "real fireman pole".  You don't see the fire poles very often so it's a fun experience. fire station party My son has his third birthday party at the Bellaire Fire Station.  We met at the station, enjoyed a tour, sprayed the water, etc.  Our group walked across the street to the park to enjoy cake, a pinata, etc.  The party was free, but I gave them a donation as a thank you.

Here are a few tips for your fire station visits:

*We like to wear red in honor of the fire fighters. Although it isn't required, it's always a nice gesture. *We love to bring a special treat to the fire staff.  They love baked goodies, fruit, vegetables, gatorade, power bars, etc.  They are taking time to show us the station so it's the least we can do for them. *Don't hesitate to ask questions.  If you ask, then you might get more out of the tour.  You can ask them try on their gear, spray the water, sit in the driver's seat, etc.  The fire fighters are always kind, and they will usually meet our requests.  It doesn't hurt to ask, right!?! *The fire station tours are great for a play group outing, birthday party, field trip, etc.