Free Birthday Party Venues

Posted on Jul 19 2016 - 8:14pm by Beth

Birthday Party Venues

Birthday Parties are a blast, and they cost a lot of money.  There are lots of free venues that are perfect for a birthday party.  Let's face it, no party is completely free, but it's always helpful to save money where you can.  If you're trying to throw a budget friendly birthday party, I have some ideas and tips for you.  

Free Party Venues

I am excited to share a few venue ideas that will save you money.  The venue fees alone can cost hundreds of dollars.  If you want to save money, check out my list below.  Please keep in mind that a donation is nice to offer at these places, but you aren't tied to a specific rental cost.     FREE Birthday Party Venues  

Free Birthday Party Ideas

It's true.  You can have a party that is very budget family.  It's impossible to throw a completely free party because you have costs for the food, cake, etc.  The venue can be free if you choose the place carefully.  

1.  Fire Station

Fire station offer free tours.  You can schedule a tour for your child's birthday party. Please keep in mind that you should schedule the tour ahead of time.  It's nice to offer a donation to the station.  They typically ask you to celebrate your cake at an off-site location.  We had my son's 3rd party at a station, and we moved the party to the park across the street after our tour.  Read more about our Party at the Fire Station.   

2.  HPD Mounted Patrol

The HPD Mounted Patrol Facility offers free birthday parties.  Please note that you must book the party in advance.  Parties have become popular so don't wait until the last minute. During the party, your guests can feed the horses, enjoy a tour of the facility, etc.  If you ask, you might even be able to see one of the horses do special tricks.  I recommend that you offer a donation to the facility as a thank you for hosting your party.  Read more about our HPD Mounted Parol Party.  

3. Home Depot - Build & Grow Workshop

Home Depot offers free Build and Grow Workshops on the weekends.  Some locations will allow you to book a free party as well.  Please keep in mind that not all locations offer this special deal.  If you're lucky enough to find one by your home, then it's a fun option for a party.  During the party, the children will build an item just as they do during their Saturday workshops.  If you host a free party at Home Depot, I suggest that you tip the instructor.  Read more about a Home Depot Free Party.    

4.  Park

A park is a wonderful location for a birthday party especially if the weather is nice. Some parks are free to rent or book.  Please keep in mind that some parks charge a rental or reservation fee.  I do recommend that you book the park area that you want, but some people have success just showing up.  If you have a party at the park, you can adapt it to any theme or age group.  We had a butterfly themed party for my daughter's first birthday party at a park near our home.  We released 50 butterflies, and it was a blast.  

5.  Police Station

Police stations offer free tours like fire stations.  You can book a free tour at your local police station, and it's a fun party idea.  They will probably ask you to move your cake and additional activities to another location.  There are many police stations that are on the same block as a park.  You could easily take a tour then walk across to the park for your cake and additional fun.  

6.  Splash Pad

If you child's party is in the spring, summer, or fall then you could host it at a splash pad.  Kids of all ages love to run around in the water, and it's a free venue option.  I honestly don't know if you can book a splash pad for a party, but you could show up and have a blast.  

7. Home

Your home is a great venue option if you're looking for a free party venue.  We have been to so many lovely parties that took place in the comfort of the host's own home.