FREE Tour of Wells Fargo Bank

Posted on Aug 1 2015 - 1:43am by Beth

Tour of Wells Fargo Bank


Yes, I did it again.  I picked up the phone and asked for a tour.  Let's back track, and I'll tell you how it happened.  It all started as I ran errands with my kids.  At some point, my son asked to swipe my credit card at the grocery store.  He already had a love for money, and we often placed coins in his piggy bank.  All of a sudden, the questions started and money was the topic of many conversations.

My son wanted to know the ins and outs about money.  We talked about jobs, earning and saving money, spending money, and piggy banks.  He wanted to know about our piggy banks which is where the bank conversations came into play.  He had been to the bank with me many times, and we had chats about it before.  This was the moment where he was interested, ready to learn, and inquisitive about all things related to money.

I am a hands on and visual learner myself, and I knew that it was time to visit a bank.  Our visit had to be more than our typical drive through the drive thru or our quick stop at the counter.  I picked up the phone, called Wells Fargo, and booked a tour right away.  To be honest, I was fully prepared to be turned down, but the manager welcomed us with open arms.

My kids were 3 years and one year when we took a tour of the bank.  As we arrived, the manager mentioned that he wasn't quite sure how much my kids would learn.  I assured him that the experience would be amazing, and we would benefit greatly from the experience.  He showed us the role of each member of the bank, and we were able to see what they do on a daily basis.  The manager pulled up our accounts on the computer, showed us how they count money, opened the safe and gave us a quick peek inside, etc.

After the tour, we had so many neat conversations about money, jobs, saving.  My son had a free learning experience that he will always remember.  I cannot wait to tour another bank and expose my daughter to a similar experience now that she is older.