Free Things in Houston – Fire Station Tour Downtown

Posted on Aug 4 2015 - 1:26am by Beth

Free Things to do in Houston: Fire Station Tour

Houston Fire Station Tour

Houston Fire Department - Station #8 Downtown 

Everyone seems to enjoy going on a fire station tour.  I am always looking for free things to do in Houston, and I love providing learning opportunities for my children.   Most babies, toddlers, and kids love fire trucks.  It's exciting to see a fire truck on the street, and kids love to tour fire stations.  During a tour, the fire fighters are working, but they are usually very happy to show you around the station, trucks, etc. houston fire station tour free

The Houston Fire Department has 105 stations, and the Downtown station is the most popular station for tours.  It's also a very busy station so you have to be prepared for the possibility that they may have to leave for a call while you're there.  During our visit there, the truck left on 3 separate occasions to respond to calls.  There were so many neat things to see at the station, it didn't bother us at all.

houston fire station 8

The fire fighters at Station #8 are proud to be there.  We have visited many fire stations, but I understand why Station #8 gets a lot of attention.  The memorabilia at the station is incredible, and it's fun to hear the fire fighters talk about how much the station has changed over time.

fire station downtown 8

If you would like to book a fire station tour at one of the Houston Fire Stations, you can book it online at   Since it's a free thing to do, we always try to bring a special treat for the fire fighters as a thank for their time and services.  They love and appreciate anything.  You can bring a baked goodie, a baked dish, fruit, vegetables, gatorade, power bars, etc.  It's always fun to find a free thing to do in Houston, and this is an awesome outing.

Downtown station 8

Fire station tours are free.  They are great for your family, for a small play group, for a field trip, or for any group.  During the tour, you'll get lots of great photos.  Your kids will remember the experience for a long time.  I often ask to do things such as tour the truck, let the kids "drive the wheel", spray the water, tour the inside area, see a fire fighter dress in full gear, etc.  The fire fighters are typically happy to let us try all of those things, but some stations vary on what they allow during tours.

free tour downtown fire station

There are so many fun things to do in Houston.  If you have not toured a fire station yet, I highly recommended it.  You and your family will have a blast!  For more free things to do in Houston, please visit my website or Facebook group.

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