How To Make An Erupting Volcano

Posted on Jul 3 2015 - 6:54am by Beth

How To Make An Erupting Volcano

kid fun volcano Have you ever wondered how to make an erupting volcano?  It's quick, it's easy, and your kids will go crazy.  You and your children will enjoy making a volcano whether you're interested in doing a science experiment, home school activity, or just having fun on a cold or rainy day.  It is very easy to learn how to make a volcano at home, and you probably already have the materials to do it.  When you make the volcano, you'll see what it might look like when a real volcano erupts flowing lava.  You can also read books, look at pictures and watch videos to teach your children about volcanoes.


To teach children about earth science by watching a volcanic eruption science volcano kid fun


Baking dish, small cup or ramekin, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, cups, spoons volcano science fun            


1.  Place the small cup or ramekin inside the baking dish 2.  Add baking powder to the small cup or ramekin 3.  Pour vinegar into a cup 4.  Add food coloring to the vinegar 5.  Pour the vinegar over the baking powder and watch the reaction erupting volcano kid fun

A few notes:

*You can make this project more fancy by putting plaster or play dough around the cup. *Let the kids experiment by adding different amounts of baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring. *Your conversations will very depending upon your child's age, interests, etc. *You can find other ways to make volcanoes online by using items such as plastic bottles, pop rocks, and more. *I suggest that you wear old clothes and/or an apron during this activity.  Safety glasses are not required, but it is helpful to be cautious during the experiment. *In this experiment, the volcano erupts with a bubbly, fizzy liquid that is created by a chemical reaction.  The project shows the reaction of an acid (vinegar) and a base (baking soda).  For older children, you can discuss carbon dioxide in more detail.