Kid Fun Houston’s List of 30 Family Fall Activites

Posted on Sep 27 2015 - 9:09pm by Beth

Kid Fun Houston's List of 30 Family Fall Activities 

IMG_0191 1. Visit a pumpkin patch IMG_0385 2.  Go on a hay ride IMG_0244 3.  Zoo Boo IMG_0884 4.  Trunk or Treat IMG_0753 5.  Buy or make costumes 1 6.  Carve a pumpkin IMG_0475 7.  Take pictures with pumpkins IMG_0873 8.  Go to a school or church carnival IMG_0489 9.  Buy holiday shirts and pj's pumpkin pie 10.  Bake a pumpkin item - cookies, muffins, etc. IMG_0092 11.  Decorate your house and yard Halloween book 12.  Read Halloween books Halloween movie 13.  Watch a Halloween movie IMG_0610 14.  Do a Halloween craft IMG_0598 15.  Make volcanoes inside a pumpkin toasted seeds 16.  Toast pumpkin seeds leaves 17.  Go on a nature walk and jump in a pile of leaves IMG_0530 18.  Measure the height of your pumpkin IMG_0543 19.  Weigh a pumpkin IMG_0525 20.  Measure the circumference of a pumpkin IMG_0558 21.  See if a pumpkin sinks or floats IMG_3806 19.  Create a new Fall family tradition (Mommy made a dress.) IMG_4287 20.  Go on a pumpkin hunt IMG_9826 21. Visit a petting zoo IMG_0810 22.  Take a free Halloween picture at the Bass Pro Shop IMG_0708 23.  Attend a neighborhood festival IMG_0445 24.  Milk a cow at the Oil Ranch IMG_0295 25.  Enjoy the attractions at Dewberry Farm IMG_9463 26.  Play on the slides at Blessington Farms IMG_9889 27.  Go on a pony ride IMG_0753 28.  Paint or decorate a pumpkin IMG_0829 29.  Attend a Halloween party IMG_1006 30.  Go Trick or Treating