Kids Bowl Free

Posted on Jul 16 2015 - 11:12pm by Beth

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How would you like to take your kids bowling for free this summer? If you register for the "Kids Bowl Free" program, your kids will be able to bowl for free. Here's how it works: 1.  Visit the Kids Bowl Free website to sign up. 2.  Create an account. 3.  Select Texas.  Select your city.  Select a bowling alley. 4.  Complete the registration form. 5.  Add each child that you would like to bowl for free. 6.  Click sign up. A few notes: 1.  Your children will be able to bowl two free games each day.   You are required to pay for the cost of the shoe rentals. 2.  Some bowling alleys require you to print the daily coupon.  Other bowling alleys will allow you to show your confirmation email.  Please check with your bowling alley to see what is required. 3.  The promotion is for children ages fifteen and under. 4.  Please check your bowling alley to see when the free bowling times are available. Have fun!