Houston Closet Organizing – KonMari Method

Posted on Feb 18 2016 - 11:06pm by Beth

Kelly Gartner is the queen of Houston closet organizing!

The Decision:

I made the decision to use a Houston closet organizing service.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am organized.  I have been known as "the organizer" my entire life.  I not only keep an organized life in the physical sense, but I have always been a social organizer too.  My friends love to peek in my pantry and closets while "teasing me" about being so organized.  I have always been the friend who organizes bunco, girls' nights, play dates, etc.  With that being said, I still needed help.  Who knew!?!

The Closet Organizing Service:

I decided that I was going to let Kelly Gartner help me.  We agreed that she would come over and help me organize my closet.  In my mind, I really thought that I knew what I needed to know about organizing.  After all, I am the queen of organizing, right!?!  I used the excuse that I "didn't have the time" to actually do what needed to be done.  With Kelly's help, I would make it happen.  In my mind, Kelly would help me with her closet organizing services, and I would have a clean closet.  Well, that's kind of what I thought.  I was WRONG. Kelly changed me.  She influenced my mindset in such a positive way that I cannot wait to declutter the rest of my house.  I learned that I am organized.  I also learned that I have a lot of stuff.  I have too much stuff.  I do not enjoy the feeling of having every ounce in my home packed to the rim.  My organized stuff does not bring me joy, and I am ready to apply my new insights to the rest of my home.

The Appointment:

Kelly and I scheduled a date to organize my closet.  We scheduled a date on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.  I asked her if I needed to "clean" before she came over, and she assured me that there was no reason to clean.  Even though I keep a clean house, I still "pick up" before my housekeeper cleans so it only made sense that I might need to "prepare" for this experience.  I also asked Kelly if I needed to purchase anything in advance.  We were able to use items that I already had in my home, and I didn't make a single purchase to organize my closet.

Getting Started:

When Kelly came over, we got right to work.  She explained her organizing approach to me.  The process was different than what I had ever done before.  The mindset was different.  Instead of selecting the items that I wanted to get rid of, I chose the items that I wanted to keep.  Kelly asked me to pick up each item and decided whether or not it was an item that brought me joy.  In my mind, I didn't really get how it was different.  Once I started, I felt the difference immediately.

The Process:

Kelly noted that the process seemed somewhat easy for me.  I moved through my entire wardrobe quickly.  It wasn't easy, but I really stuck to the system.  I carefully selected each item that I wanted to keep.  Now, my closet is full of items that I love.  Actually, I now have space in my closet to add more items that I love.  There is nothing in there that I questioned.  I made the conscious decision to keep every single thing. How is it different?  Well, the outcome is a huge difference.  I actually "cleaned out my closet" over the summer.  I removed the items that were from college, out of style, too small, etc.  My husband and I actually cleaned out our garage on Monday, and I finally donated those items.  We hauled bags and bags of clothes and probably a hundred pair of shoes.  This happened two days before this appointment. My life is different now than it was before I had a family.  Now, I am a stay at home mom with a "work at home" job.  I no longer need all of my "going out clothes" or "professional clothes" or "clothes that I never wore".  When I chose to keep each item, I chose to keep things that I could wear now.  I selected pieces that I love now.

Before Pictures:

closet organizing konmari     konmari closet method cleaning closet konmari  organizing konmari method konmari process I have a small walk-in closet.  When we moved into the house, I used every closet in the house.  After kids, everything was moved into my closet, the garage, or any space that I could squeeze it.  As you can see, I couldn't close the drawers.  I could barely get an item to hang in my closet because it was so full.  The crazy part is that this is AFTER a major clean-out last summer.  I couldn't use items in my closet because often times I couldn't get to them.

During Pictures:

cleaning out konmari kelly gartener konmari houston konmari organizer   joy konmari During the process, we removed everything from my closet.  I picked up one item at a time and made the decision to keep it or toss it.  It was an easy decision for most items.  I found myself stuck on items that still had the tags or items that I knew were very expensive.  I learned that I actually had more guilt by keeping those items in my closet.  If necessary, Kelly gave me gentle reminders.  She would ask, "Does this item bring you joy?"  It was easy to answer the question so the next step was logical. We went through my clothes, shoes, belts, accessories, jewelry, swim suits, purses, etc.  As we placed items back in my closet, it felt great to see that I really selected each piece.  Kelly used the KonMari method to help me organize the pieces by type and color. My biggest challenge was sticking to the concept that my closet should only store things that I would put on my body.  Before this home, I had large closets. I was able to store my wardrobe, accessories, and other things.  Kelly helped me find another location to store my address book, picture frames, baby books, files, camera stuff, sheets, etc.  Even though I struggled with this part of the process, I love the outcome.  My closet is now a space for ME.

After Pictures:

konmari organizing closets houston closets konmari cleaning approach konmari organizing style IMG_9376konmari cleaning When I walk into my closet, I feel JOY.  I have always filled the space that I have, but I really like the idea of only having items that I love. Kelly didn't teach me how to organize; she taught me a new way to look at life.  I realized that clutter, even organized clutter, affects us day to day.  It is distracting.  Clutter accumulates and we often don't even notice it.  My closet is a peaceful, inspiring space.  I am motivated to change every space in my home.  I like the process of selecting the items that I want to keep rather than choosing what to get rid of.  I realized that I don't need to have so much stuff, and I like having a decluttered space.

My Donation Pile:

konmari donationskonmari cleaning out How is it possible that I removed these bags of stuff from my closet?  As soon as Kelly left, I immediately piled these bags into my car and dropped them off at a donation center.  To be honest, I can't even remember what is in those bags.  I remember that they were full of things that I held onto for years. I remember that they were full of items that were never used.  Most of all, I remember the feeling that I have when I walk into my closet.  Hey, I can walk into my closet!

My Experience:

Kelly Gartner changed me.  I am telling my story to you because I truly believe in sharing with others.  I am a natural born teacher, and look at how Kid Fun started.  I never would have guessed that I, of all people, would use an organization service.  People have told me, yes me, that I should start my own organization service.  From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank Kelly enough.  She not only changed my closet, but she changed my mindset. If you told me a similar story, I would have probably felt inspired.  I would not have changed anything about my life as a result.  I honestly don't know what made me decide to do this process, but I am so glad that I did it.  Boy, I really needed it. Stay tuned, I will share my experiences with you as time passes.  I know that my closet will continue to look amazing, and I will have tackled more spaces in my home. Until next time...

Contact Kelly:

Kelly Gartener If you would like to learn more about Kelly and her work, you can visit her website.  Kelly also wrote about our experience.

Special Giveaway:

Stay tuned!  I really enjoyed working with Kelly, and I am still amazed that she changed me.  Since her work had such a positive impact on me, I did what I typically do. I begged her to do a giveaway.  Kelly has graciously agreed to giveaway a free closet organizing session to one lucky Kid Fun Houston member.  I will post the details on the giveaway soon.  You don't want to miss it.