Pirate’s Bay Waterpark

Posted on Jun 27 2016 - 9:31pm by Beth

Pirate's Bay Waterpark

Pirate's Bay is a water park located in Baytown that has waterslides, a wave pool, a lazy river, a kids' play area and more.  


Pirate's Bay is located at 5300 East Road, Baytown, Texas 77520.  It is about 30 minutes from downtown Houston.  There are detailed directions on their website from the East and from the South part of town. WARNING:  I had a difficult time finding the water park.  My navigation took me to an Exxon plant because they also have an East Road.  I used my Iphone navigation and the directions button on the website.  I highly recommend that you look up the directions before you drive out there for the first time.   Pirate's Bay Waterpark  


They are open on Monday through Thursday from 11am to 7pm.  They are open on Friday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm.  


The admission cost is $20 for people 48" and above and $15 for people under 48". They offer a special afternoon rate of $10 on Monday through Thursday after 4pm. They also offer group rates and season passes.  


play structure pirates bay 1. Play Structure - There are a few play structures around the park that are great for the itty bitties and the younger children.  They are located in shallow water with water spraying all over, small slides, etc.  These are great for all ages. pirates bay wave pool 2. Wave Pool - The wave pool is always a big hit with all ages.  The beach entry wave pool has lots of lifeguards, fun music, and big waves to enjoy.  This is great for every one. lazy river pirates bay 3. Lazy River - You'll relax while floating down 671 feet of water around the park.  This is great for all ages. crossing activities pirates bay 4. Crossing Activities - Your little ones will enjoy trying to cross the barrels and ship wheels.  It's fun, easy, and great for all ages. pirates bay surfing 5. Flowrider - You'll enjoy this high-speed ride of surfing waves by body boarding or surfing.  You must be 42 inches and above. body slides pirates bay 6. Body Slides - There is an open and enclosed body slide that twist and turn.  You must be 42 inches and above. boomerango pirates bay 7. Boomerango - This high-speed ride is a tube ride that goes back and forth a reverse path.  It's fun and thrilling.  You must be 42 inches and above. colordo drop slide pirates bay 8. Colorado Drop Slide - This high speed ride is also a tube ride that has a 40 foot drop.  It's fun and exciting.  You must be 42 inches and above. mat racer pirates bay 9. Mat Racer - There are 4 lanes of head-first, side by side racing that you'll absolutely love.  You must be 48 inches and above. space bowl pirates bay 10. Space Bowl - You'll love spinning in the spiral flume ride with speeds up to 40 mph.  You must be 48 inches and above. tube slides pirates bay 11. Tube Slides - Grab an innertube and race down these two slides.  You must be 48 inches and above.  


Lockers - There are lockers available for $5.  You must pay a $15 deposit, and you receive $10 back when you return the key. Life Jackets - There are life jackets available in all sizes.  There is a limited number of jackets, and they're available on a first come first serve basis.  They do allow floaties and puddle jumpers. Pavillions and Tents - There are areas around the park that are available for rentals. The pavillions and tents are great for large groups or parties.  


The water park is open from June 3 to August 28, 2016.  

Wednesday Itty Bitty Beach Parties:

They offer "Itty Bitty Beach Parties" on Wednesday mornings from 8am-10am during June 15 to August 10. The beach parties are for children ages 5 and under. The admission cost is $5 for anyone over the age of 2 years old.  

Thursday Dive In Movies:

During the summer, they are offering dive in movies at 8pm.  The movies will take place every Thursday from June 16 to August 4.  They are shown in the wave pool.  


*As I mentioned above, we had a hard time finding the water park when using our navigation. I highly recommend that you look up the directions before you get into the car.  There are two "East Roads" different from the street that the water park is located.  My navigation sent me to the wrong location. *The water park gets busy on the weekends.  We arrived at 11am on a Saturday, and the park had already reached capacity.  If you go on a weekend, I would recommend arriving before the park is scheduled to open. *The park has lots of covered seating and chairs.  You are allowed to bring in an ice chest with food and drinks. *The staff is very friendly, and there are lots of lifeguards on duty.


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