Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds

Posted on Sep 13 2015 - 10:52pm by Beth

Splashway-Water-Park_medium (1)   Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds is located in Sheridan, Texas off of Highway 90, about an hour from Sugarland. The waterpark is very easy to find, and it's an easy drive to get there. The parking is free, quick, and simple.  (Directions here.) Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds is great for all ages. Your itty-bitties will love playing in the sprinklers, baby slides, and kiddie areas. Your toddlers and younger kids will love the "Kids of the Carribean" area, the "Kiddie Cove" area, the "Minnow Pond" area, and all of the smaller slides and water structures. The big kids and adults will love all of the larger slides. You are sure to get a thrill from the Typhoon Tower, the Midnight Storm, The Slippery Twister, the Pirate's Plunge, Ray's Racers, the Tubular Tornado, Hurricane Hill, Tropical Storm, and more. Everyone will love the wave pools, the lazy river, the lagoon, and the water areas great for swimming. The park has tons of shaded areas, picnic tables, and spaces to put your items while enjoying the waterpark. There are lockers to store away your personal belongings. You can rent a private cabana and enjoy the luxury of ordering your food, drinks, and snacks through their waitstaff. The park allows you to bring in your own food and drinks, ice chests, etc. You can even rent a grill for your own enjoyment. If you want to purchase food there, you have choices ranging from cafe food such as burgers and hot dogs to treats such as funnel cakes, Icees, and Dippin' Dots. The waterpark is family oriented. They play family style music that you're sure to enjoy, they provide free life jackets to ensure the safety of all of their guests, and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Splashway is fun, clean, and an awesome experience. Once you make the trip out there, you are sure to go back. They also have a campground where you can rent a cabin and stay the night. You can park your RV and relax over the weekend. They also offer holiday events such as their Halloweekends, zip lines, and much more. IMG_2112 Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds has very reasonable admission fees.  Their fees are very good compared to other waterparks, and there is so much to do there.   You will definitely feel as though you got your monies worth. IMG_2118 Splashway Waterpark provides life jackets to their guests.  There is no additional fee to use a life jacket, and there are jacket stations throughout the park.  The jackets are great for those who cannot swim or for those who want the extra safety.  My four year old son is a great swimmer, but we used a life jacket when we went into the wave pool just to make sure that he was ok. IMG_2117 The new wave pool is awesome.  My kids loved the entire waterpark, the but the wave pool was definitely their favorite part. IMG_2113 IMG_2120 IMG_2122 IMG_2269 The waterpark has cabanas for rent located all over the waterpark.  We enjoyed a cabana right by the wave pool, and it was wonderful.  The staff was very attentive, and it was really nice and relaxing to order food, drinks and treats through their waitstaff.  The cabanas are a nice added touch to enjoy your day at the waterpark.  If you do not rent a cabana, there are a ton of tables under umbrellas and picnic tables located throughout the entire park.  You can also rent a locker to secure your belongings. map The waterpark is easy to navigate.  Even though the park is large, we found it easy to find each section and attraction.  The map was helpful and easy to read.  The park layout allows you to easily walk from one section to another. IMG_2211 What we loved most about the waterpark was the variety of slides for all ages.  Our kids are two and four years old.  We were so excited about the large variety of slides and attractions for our kids.  The park is really for all ages.  You can bring babies, toddlers, young children all the way up to the grandparents.  There is something for everyone at this waterpark. IMG_2133 IMG_2147 IMG_2151 IMG_2156 IMG_2192 IMG_2202 The "Kids of the Caribbean" section of the waterpark is amazing.  My kids loved it and spent hours going down the slides.  There are slides for all ages and height ranges.  What I really like about these slides is that the kids come down into a landing strip.  As a parent, it makes it easy to walk around and be at the bottom of the slide as your child comes down. IMG_2155IMG_2154 Toddler Bay is located right off the Kids of the Caribbean.  It is great for your itty-bitties.  The water is very shallow, and the slides are small.  They are perfect for your little ones.  My two and four year olds loved them too. IMG_2153 IMG_2218  IMG_2223 There are a ton of "big kid" slides at the Waterpark.  The Tubular Tornado, Ray's Racers, Jet Stream, Pirate's Plunge, Slippery Twister, Midnight Storm, Typhoon Tower, Hurricane Hill, Tropical Storm are some of the larger slides.  The slides are a blast, and there are all kinds of fun slides.  You are sure to find a favorite from the choices offered at the waterpark. IMG_2214 The center of the waterpark features the lazy river and another wave pool.  The lazy river is a blast as is the wave pool.  You will enjoy hopping onto a raft and enjoying the ride around the river. IMG_2231 IMG_2237 IMG_2264 IMG_2261 Near the lazy river, there is another fabulous children's section.  The Kiddie Cove and Minnow Pond are filled with water features, slides, and attractions perfect for your kid's entertainment.  The variety of slides offered for the kids is really impressive.  You could spend the entire day there, and it will still have your kid's excited. There are helpful signs located around the waterpark, and you also see staff members all over to assist you if needed. Splashway serves a variety of food including items such as hamburgers, chicken strips, chicken nuggets, corndogs, sausage on a stick, chicken salad, fries, etc.  They also serve special treats such as Dipin' Dops, ice cream sandwiches, Icee's, and funnel cakes.  The park also allows you to bring in your own food and drinks. IMG_2268IMG_2303 The park has zip lines that you can enjoy if you want an added thrill during your visit. There are several grills available to rent as well for a poolside picnic. Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds is definitely something that you have to try out. You'll love it, and I'm sure that you'll add it to your list of places to return.  The park is fun, clean, and a friendly place to visit.  I highly recommend giving it a try.  You will not be disappointed. Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter.  

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Mondays:  You can get special group rates for 20+ people. Tuesdays:  Sign up to receive $10 off the general admission for those over 42". Wednesdays: Sign up to receive 20% of general admission. Thursdays: You can get a coupon for Buy 3 get 1 free. Fridays: Sign up to receive a family 4 pack at a special rate. Click here for more details.