Teaching Fine Motor Skills with Stickers

Posted on Jul 17 2015 - 4:31pm by Beth
2014-08-14 09.40.25 2014-08-22 13.51.33 2014-08-25 17.39.52 IMG_2043 IMG_2048 IMG_2041 IMG_2044 IMG_2045 IMG_2049 IMG_2038   Stickers are cheap, easy to find, shiny, and fun.  We joined a sticker club last year, and we received 30-40 packs of stickers in the mail.  It was awesome, but I found myself asking the question "What are we going to do with all of these stickers?" Stickers are a great way to practice strengthening your child's hand muscles and teach fine motor skills.  For young kids, it is a skill in itself to get a sticker off of the paper.  I taught my kids to peel the stickers by folding the paper in half.  Stickers also require concentration skills, and it's also a task to place the sticker on the piece of paper. One of our favorite household activities is our sticker wall.  At any given time, we have a large sheet of paper taped to the wall.  We spread out our packets of stickers and go to town.  My kids love to peel the stickers and place them on our sticker wall. There are so many fun learning activities that you could do with stickers.  It's fun, and the kids don't event know that they are learning something.  Those are the best activities, right!?!