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Posted on Aug 1 2015 - 1:13am by Beth

FREE Tour of the Bellaire Post Office:


Would you like to tour a post office for free?  Your kids would love to tour a post office and see what happens behind the scenes.  When you go to the post office, your kids can see the lobby, the mailboxes, and the merchandise.  During a tour, your kids can see what the mail staff does behind the doors.  It's free. It's fun.  It's a learning activity.  A post office tour is a great outing for your play group, a field trip, your home school group, girl scout groups, boy scout groups, etc.

The Idea:

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Each day, my two year old son loved to help me check the mail.  We waited for our mailman, listened for our mailman, and greeted him at the door when he dropped off our mail.  Over time, we got to know our mailman.  Mr. Sunny, our mailman, became a very important person to my little buddy.  He greeted us daily, waved to us as we got into our cars, and even stopped to chat with us as we drove passed him in the neighborhood.

Due to my son's love for mail, I decided to start a pen pal system.  It was a great way to keep the mail excitement up, and I took the opportunity to teach him about writing.  In addition to finding pen pals, we also joined a sticker club and a book club.  At one point, we were writing and receiving letters from 15-20 different family members and friends.  My son received so much mail that we carved out time in our daily schedule to open the mail and respond to his letters.

Our love for mail grew, and we had a blast learning.  My son learned our address, developed a love for maps as we tracked where our mail was going and coming from, enjoyed writing and drawing pictures, and much more.  We were able to get to know our  family and friends in a way that we hadn't before.  We learned about their favorite foods, colors, etc.

Time for a tour:

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As my son continued to ask more and more questions, I knew that we had to take things a step further.  I contacted the post office near our home and asked if we could take a tour.  The manager at the time was so kind and invited us there the next day.  He walked us around the post office, showed us the mail slots, took us outside to see the mail trucks, etc.  My favorite activity was mailing a letter to our home.  My son placed a letter in their mail bin, and we waited to see how long it took to arrive on our doorstep.  We didn't have to wait long because it arrived the very next day.

We happened to get very lucky, and our post office happily gave us a tour the next day.  I would encourage you to check in with your local post office.  Please keep in mind that they may or may not be willing to take the time to give you a tour.  My philosophy is that it's always worth a try to ask.  If you have trouble at your post office, then you may want to try another one in your area.  I found it helpful to talk to the manager when I booked our tour.

Just Ask:


Through my experiences as a Mom and with Kid Fun, I have learned that people are so kind and helpful.  I have also developed an "it doesn't hurt to ask" attitude.   I will admit that I will ask almost anyone to allow us to take a tour, have an event, visit their business, etc.  There are learning opportunities everywhere, and I love teaching my children about the world around us.

Our Mailman:

mailman gift postman gift houston mailman

We are still close to our mailman, Mr. Sunny.  Last month, Mr. Sunny left a gift for my son.  He gave him a mail truck.  I love that we are so close to our mailman, and he is a huge role model to my kids.  My daughter calls his name as we drive into the neighborhood, and we look for him as we come and go each day.  The best part about our love for mail is that my children are learning life skills daily, and they don't even know it!

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